Friday, November 30, 2007

8 months old!

Hi Everyone!
Here are a few of my 8 month photos.
As you can see...I think I'm pretty cute! I crawl really fast now. I really like to play hide 'n' seek around the couch. My dad likes to startle me when I round the corners's pretty funny.

I stand up on everything now.
This is my tough girl look...

Since I pull myself up on the chairs so much, my mom decided to sit me on one! I know...kinda crazy...I scared her a few times. But, all in all....I did a good job listening and just stayed put!
It made for some pretty fun photos....

I should be a model or something!Mmmmmooch! Kisses to all!


Monday, November 19, 2007

A Bug's Life...

...was the theme for my mom's Halloween Party. It was really fun having such crazy decorations up in our house! Good thing my mom's friend Missi brought her camera...she took all of these nice pictures for us! My mom was way to busy doing the 'hostess' thing. Thanks Missi!
As for the bugs....well, here we are!
Ethan was a spider...Bella was the ladybug...
My cousin Graham was a Japanese beetle!Nixon was an awesome caterpillar (his mom was a butterfly...isn't that fun?)And then there was Aiden.....SPIDERMAN!!! =) Ha ha!, the bee.
Okay, so it was a little overwhelming having all of those people in my house. It was a busy place!Help?!?!I was okay when my dad rescued me. He is the slug in this picture...just in case you didn't recognize him.Then I found another bee! Phew! Here is a family picture. My mom was a bee, too! She's not wearing her crown right now, but she was supposed to be the Queen bee. He he he...
Doesn't our house look neat? The kids that came trick-or-treating really liked it.

Okay, and now for the group shot!

We were all tuckered out at this point. About 3 seconds later...we were all down to our diapers!!
Can't wait for next year! Halloween is Fun!

Sunday, November 18, 2007 costume!

Okay, I know it is almost Turkey day...I just had to make sure to wrap up my first Halloween Experience!
So, here is my costume! These were taken right before Trick-or-treating...I was pretty exhausted because I didn't take my afternoon nap. What can I say? I was WAY TOO excited!!!
Well, here's a half smile...
Here we are trick-or-treating! parents didn't give me any candy...we just walked around while my friend Bella got all the treats. It was still a lot of fun though. I really liked the pumpkins and hallween lights!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

So, how was Halloween?

Many of you have been asking about my 1st Halloween. Well...

IT WAS AWESOME! I didn't know that pumpkins, spiders, and ghosts could be so much fun!!!
I was lucky enough to get to celebrate the spooky holiday a few times.... all started with the pumpkin patches (see previous postings). Then I attended my first High School Halloween Party! My parents help with the High Schoolers at I always get to tag along. I love it because then I get to play with my cousin Graham. We have so much fun together!!

I like to tackle him...even though he's older. You can see here that I have a pretty good hold on him! My dad has been teaching me how to wrestle. I make him proud. =)

Graham doesn't seem to like it so much...and has a pretty good 'tough' face, but he never fights back! I don't think Uncle Kevin has taught him how yet.

Look at my dad...what a crazy guy. I can't believe he is actually trying to get sympathy!!! He's the one who started the pumpkin fight! Such a trouble maker! I got my first taste of fresh pumpkin that night. My parents let me lick one. I'm not so sure I liked how it tasted.By the end of the night, I was so exhausted...I didn't know WHAT was going on! My dad likes to take advantage of these moments....

Coming first Costume Party!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

My family...

While we were at the pumpkin patch, my mom's really good friend, Missi, took some photos for us. It was so nice of her! Usually my mommy is never in photos with me and's so nice to have a few pictures with the three of us!
We had such a blast!

Okay, is my dad throwing me up into the he receiving me from heaven?
Get it?? I'm such an ANGEL!!! Ha ha! =) I know I said 'family photos'...but it's really all about me!
Like I said...All about ME!
Yikes! Close your eyes!
My dad doesn't like kissy pictures so much...but aren't they the cutest mommy and daddy, ever?!?!
Thanks so much Missi! We love you!

7 Months Old!

Ya heard me! I'm seven whole months old...well, plus some. =)

As for an update on me....I started crawling this month! Yup, on October 9th. I am ALL over the place! I really give my parents a workout! I also learned how to pull myself up onto the couch and other low places on the 18th of this month, just so that I can practice standing on my own!
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE ALL electronics, including but not limited to: cell phones, cameras, portable phones, TV controlers, and cell phone chargers? Oh, yeah...and electrical outlits....sooooo, fun!

Well, I thought I'd show you my pictures before I turn 8 months (in two weeks already!)
My mom took me to a pumpkin patch...boy, was it fun! I think I might love pumpkins just as much as my mom! Here, they were trying to sell me off as the $11 pumpkin!!! Any takers?!?
All I gotta say is.....Blue Steel, baby!!!
This pumpkin was at least 10 times the size of me! Then my mom tried to give me a bath! Crazy, I know...I still had my clothes on!I think she was just playin' with me.... =)

That's it for Month 7.
Well, mom threw my first Halloween Party!
Pictures will follow shortly...
-lil' a