Thursday, September 13, 2007


That's the name of my first Viking team!

Probably my ONLY Viking team! Ha ha!
I recently went up to Hume Lake with my parents....and with the rambunctious high schoolers from our church!
Yep, I attended my first high school a 5 1/2 month old!

It was great fun! The theme this year was Vikings and fur....lots and lots of FUR!!!

So, of course my mom had to make this AWESOME costume for me! I fit right in with those wacky big kids! =)

Here I am practicing my THORLAK roar!! I look like a mean Viking, huh?

Especially in that PINK!Okay...I couldn't hold that serious face forever! I started bustin' up mom is so crazy!


The prettiest lil' Viking ever.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


It's my favorite game!

I especially love when my dad puts my blanket over my head and then when I pull it off... mom is sitting there!!
Then, she always puts the blanket back on my head...
...only for me to find out after I wrestle it down...that she has turned back into my DAD!

They are sooooo tricky! It ALWAYS makes me laugh!!!

A half a YEAR already?!?!

Yesterday was my 6 month birthday!!!
My mom can't believe that a half of a year has already gone by since my birth!
Okay, okay...I take it back.
She can't believe that a half of a year has gone by....and I still don't sleep through the night!!!

It's just that I miss her soooooo much in the middle of the night...wink wink! =)

Well, she had been feeling guilty for not posting lately, so she took a bunch of photos of me! they are!

My 6 month photos...

Note: My fingers are NOT in my mouth! Just other things...My mom says I'm getting soooo big! I've already started to rock up on my hands and knees!

No...I'm not sitting up by myself quite yet. I last about 3-5 seconds without help. But with a Boppy around my waist...I do pretty well!

Thanks for taking a look!

Until next time!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A Little Update...

Hi Everyone!
How embarassing! You haven't seen or heard from me for over a month! Yeesh!
Well, my mom has been pretty busy...
We've taken lots of pictures though. It just might take us awhile to get you all caught up on my little life! Here's for starters...

I've been going on lots of walks with my parents.
I LOVE the Bjorn.
If I'm cranky...all my parents have to do is wear me...and I'm all good.
In fact, I picked my first flower the other day while we were on a walk. My dad tried to show them to me...and I snatched one before he could blink!
And...then I tried to eat it, like I do EVERYTHING.Over-stimulation anyone???
I've got plenty of it... I love my parents bed. It's probably my second favorite place to be (after the Bjorn).
My mom was trying out some new photography stuff...I think I cooperated rather well!
Okay...that's it for now.
More to come! Promise. =)