Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Day at the Zoo!

On Friday, my buddies and I went to the zoo! It was my first time...and boy, was it exciting!

We were all ready to go, and then my mom put these cool shades on me!

Doesn't she know that the only 'cool' way for girls to wear sunglasses is on their head?!?!?
She is so out of touch with the latest style!

Phew! That's so much better!
First we saw a beautiful peacock. It decided to show off right in front of us!!!

Then we saw the flamingos....I love pink!

The monkey was really tired....either that or really HUNGRY!!!

This fish looked right at me!

Then we saw the elephants...they looked so friendly.

Finally...we saw another monkey! Just kidding!!! This is my friend Bella. She had a blast too!

I can't wait to go back!

Monday, May 21, 2007

So last week was a busy week for me.

On Monday, I went with my parents to a birthday party. It was so fun! I got to see all of my friends!

My cousin Graham is on my right. He's a happy guy!

Then there is Nixon...he's pretty serious. But, I think he's starting to have a little more fun. =)

Next is Aiden. He just moved back into town. It was his dad's birthday. I think he's pretty old...like 1560 weeks or something.

Finally, Ethan is on my left. We envy his hair.

We all had a pretty good time...Aiden played with his really cool toy...

Graham punched Aiden's dad's lights out...

Nixon was really upset about it...

Ethan was spying on...
Bella who was stealing treats out of the bowl...

And...well, I was just chillin' in my dad's arms.

Always an angel. ;)


Thursday, May 17, 2007


My name is Abbey Grace Burmeister...
...and this is my Blog.

I was born on March 11, 2007,
a whole 7 pounds and 7 ounces...
...and I was 21 inches tall!
Yep...tall like my dad.

Actually...we look a lot alike.

My dad is really cool.
He loves me so much!
He makes funny faces at me all the time...
...and calls me lil' squid.
He sings this silly song everytime he sees me...
...I don't really understand what he's saying,
but he always makes me smile!

You know?
I'm a lucky girl...
...because my mom is pretty cool too!
(She paid me to say that!)
I look a little like my mom...

My dad says I have her chin...
my Aunt Maressa says I have her feet!
Silly! I know!

My mom loves me a lot, too.
You know how I know?

Everyday she feeds me,
plays with me,
changes my diapers,
rocks me,
sings to me,
and sometimes naps with me!
But most of all....she ALWAYS takes my picture!
...I typically look like this after our photoshoots!

I don't quite understand it...
but, I guess I have to get used to it...
Because she LOVES photography!!
I guess that's good for now.
Thanks for visiting my site!