Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hey, I still have fans!

Thanks for the comments, guys. I was sure I lost you all during the 'drought season'. Glad to know you still check on me once in awhile! =)

On to February...

February was a busy and exciting month for me!
On the 6th, I took my first couple of steps! My parents were so proud of me!! But, they failed to get me to do it again for the camera. I was tuckered out!!

I also started trilling my lips with my finger this month. My parents kept trying to get me to do they were pretty excited to show that 'talent' off to family and friends.
I liked the I went with it.

On the 11th, I turned 11 months old.
Now THAT'S an accomplishment! he he =)

These next photos are from my 11 month photoshoot. You can check out more of them on my Mommy's Blog by clicking here.

Here I am practicing my walking...

I really know how to pose for the camera, don't I?

Sheesh...with all of the practice I've had, you'd think I could make a better face!
I look much better in action this one below. =)

I LOVE the great outdoors!
My mom and I had so much fun! (She was pretty sore the next day though...I wonder why?)

My dad and I also had a blast!
He was so much more interesting than the plants and trees around me though...
What can I say?
He's a fascinating guy!

Here he is goin' in for a kiss...

Boy, did I surprise them when I kissed him back!!

Yup, on February 15th, I gave my FIRST KISS! And it was to my dad. =)

Later that same month, on the 25th...I mimicked my first word. My dad pointed to my mom and said "mama". So, I looked at her and said "mama". They were astonished! I didn't want them to get used to it I haven't really done it since.

Gotta keep 'em on their toes, you know?


Caleb's mommy said...

Yay! Yay! I love all the new posts! :) Look at her! I absolutely LOVE the pic of you throwing her up in the air, so cool & beautiful & the lighting is awesome!!! And what a better way to give her first kiss than to her daddy! :) Too fun!

Tamara Jackson said...

Abbey's ponytail is AWESOME in all these pictures (especially the first two!). I think they really capture the essence of Abbey's trademark hairstyle!

trieowen said...

AWE! These are SO sweet! I love how soft and dreamy they look, just like a little baby...coochie coochie coo :-)