Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Before January is over...

I figured I'd share a little of my Christmas and New Year's with you all. =)

This is a picture that my dad took of my mom and me in front of my very FIRST Christmas Tree!
Isn't it beautiful? I didn't really get to help decorate it this year...because all I want to do is eat the ornaments.
But I definitely 'practiced' taking it down A LOT.
It was really fun grabbing those beads and swinging on them!

For Christmas, we drove up to my Great Grandma and Grandpa Polley's house. This is a picture of me, my parents, and them.
We had so much fun there!

My aunt Laurie brought her new little puppy up to meet me. Her name is Emma. We liked to wrestle and play together. At first it was okay, because Emma wasn't feeling well....and she moved at more of my kind of speed.
As she felt better and better....she started to whip my lil' booty!

Then, to add salt to the wound...the adults decided it would be funny for me to wear emma's dog hats.
How embarassing!

I know I look happy in these pictures....but it's only because I had no clue what was going on!

Okay, the reindeer antlers are a little better...

I gave them the show they were looking for...like a good lil' girl.
Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho!

Then it was time to put on the Christmas Dress my Nana had bought for me.
It's a really pretty dress...just a little hard to crawl in.
But, I cooperated for a few photos....


"Okay, I'm done."

I figured it was a great time to get naked...

My family had other plans.
As you can see....I look thrilled.

But, then it was all over.
So, I thought....
Don't ask me about this one...who's idea was this anyway???

After playing awhile with my Great Grandparents....we went to go see my other Great Grandma and Grandpa Powell. We had a good time there too. I got to see all of my cousins and aunts and uncles...it was a busy place!
Here's a picture of me and my Grandma-ma and Grandpa-pa...

A few days later, I had yet ANOTHER Christmas!
We went to my Grammy's house. And, I got to see yet another set of Great Grandparents! I hear I'm a really lucky girl to have all of those Grandmas and Grandpas who love me so much!
Here is a picture of me and my Oma (my Poppop is taking a photo of us--he likes photography like my mom!) She made this really cool monkey for me. His name is PeeJay.
Then she bought matching PJs for me and her! They have pictures of PeeJay all over them!
Aren't we cute?

And then, that was it for Christmas.
It was the most AWESOME First Christmas EVER!!!

Then New Year's came...and my Nana and Papa had a party at their house.
More of my family members came to join us for food, games, movies, and more food...it was a blast!
Even though I got put to bed at my regular 7:00 bedtime....I just happened to wake up 5 minutes before the Ball Dropped!
Since my parents are so cool, they let me stay up to enjoy my first New Year's!
I came out to the living room to find everyone wearing these crazy things on their heads!

I soon was wearing my own set.

Here's me and my parents!

Aaaand that's a wrap!

Happy New Year's everyone!!!


Melissa Koehler said...

Awww. such cute pictures!!! What a doll!

Caleb's mommy said...

She is such a cutie!!! Yay! For a fun first holiday season!!! :)

trieowen said...

Oh my gosh Abbey you are TOO cute for words! I just want to pinch & kiss those cheeks :-)

Julia's Mom said...

So, after I looked at your pics, I totally had a dream about those headband thingeys. I was looking everywhere for them - and I found sparkley ones for Todd, me and Julia. Silly.