Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Watch me Grow!

Blogging is REALLY just modern day scrapbooking, right?
I mean...who actually scrapbooks on time!

Well, since my mom did a great job taking pictures of me EVERY month of my first year...I figured it was only appropriate to share each month with you. So, we've gotta go back in time a bit...

ALL the way back to January!

In January, my mom and dad took me to go visit my Uncle Jason and Aunt Tori up in Santa Barbara. We had such a good time with them! It was there that I turned 10 months old. So, my mom, of course, had to do a little photoshoot of me. Here are a couple of those shots.

Not exactly sure what she had me wearing...it has like, EVERY color in the rainbow though!

I stood on my own for the very first time at their house!
My parents were soooo proud of me!
And...I was pretty proud of myself!

Uncle Jason and Aunt Tori had a little yard in the back of their house. My dad and I went out there to play for a little while. I wasn't quite sure what that green stuff was...since my parents still haven't finished our yard at home!
GRASS? What's that?!?!
It felt nice to sit on though. =)

Okay, so that's my big 10 MONTH OLD update....only 6 months behind schedule!!

Hey, at least I'm doing better than my mom. She still hasn't put together her Wedding Album!
Talk about being behind schedule!!! ;)

Next time....

Month 11 for the Abbey-cakes (that's me!)