Thursday, October 18, 2007

Yay for Fall!

A couple of weeks ago, when we had our first 'fall-ish' day, my mom brought out of storage this awesome scarf to play with. I loved it!I should mention that it tasted REALLY good, too!!

Summin' up Summer

Hi Folks!
I can't believe it has already been another month since I've talked to you all!
Well, summer is here is a brief summary of my life during the last month or so.

I started eating real food! I like pretty much veggies (carrots, sweet potatos, squash) are my favorite! I did gag a little with peas...but now I eat them just fine. It took me awhile to get used to fruit (I know I'm strange), but now I think I love all fruit except peaches. Man those peaches are yucky!!! Blech!
Here, I think my mom got more food on my face than in my mouth!

My mom did a fun little photoshoot with me a few weeks back...I think I was going for that "Norman Rockwell" look.

By the way, I started sitting on September 12th. Just one day after my 6 month birthday!

Here is a picture from a really special photoshoot of me in my mom's slip...she used to where it when she was a little girl like me! You can see more from this photoshoot on my mommy's blog.

Finally, I went swimming for the first time! Boy, was it a blast!
Here I am in my cool turtle floaty.

Good thing I have my dad's tan skin...
And my mom's awesome hair-do! dad likes to cuddle and snuggle me.
We sure had a blast up in my Nanna and Grandpa's pool. My uncle Aaron took this family photo for us.

Aren't we cute?!?!So, that's my summer in a nutshell.
Lots of love,